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Due for an overhaul but for the time being resources are focused elsewhere, next project is to include a warp-zone to the site and rein in this unruly start page/news roll. -FiEND 03.04.2017

Tinkering with this site has resumed, and a wee bit of glitching is to be expected probably for the remainder of 2016. More detailed updates about FiEND are found here. -FiEND 21.08.2016

A newly released DJ Mix can be found in the I/O section. The site itself is still evolving so old-hat tricks like F5 are always useful (to navigate around stale browser cache). -FiEND 29.05.2016

Due to a moronic cognitive error the I/O section has featured a duplicate link so that the most recent EP was not available for download. This is now corrected and the proper link is inserted for your enjoyment. -FiEND 16.03.2016

Two bootleg production snapshots are now tucked away beneath a proverbial rock on the site (i.e. the hidden area), go have a look-see. Refer to the previous news entry for a clue to the access key. -FiEND 06.02.2016

The recently added section is expanded to celebrate the dawning of a new year, a larger addition and content dump is coming soon. -FiEND 09.01.2016

Added a new section to the site that revolves around hardware. -FiEND 16.11.2015

Stuff is brewing, a bit sparse on the release side but behind the scenes there is some churning. Still no sign of the multi-device tweaks though. -FiEND 13.09.2015

Tweaks will be made to make this site mobile and tablet friendly. Once that is completed some expansion of the I/O section is in order. -FiEND 08.07.2015

Tiny site revisions have been done and a techno EP made in Renoise is recently released and now available for download in I/O. - FiEND 01.07.2015

The first EP released in 2015 by FiEND can be found in the I/O section. -FiEND 09.04.2015

New site version is live, joy to the world. -FiEND 12.03.2015

The simplicity of this compared to the last rigid design is a lesson in tradeoff. It's not as sleek and somewhat polished as the old one was, but at least there's less squinting involved. -FiEND March.2015

Not much to say really, it hasn't even gone live yet. - FiEND March.2015