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An Organic Doomsday device

FiEND is an eclectic project which ranges from profound art performances to more rigidly structured banging musical productions.

This section will in time go into the musings and intention behind FiEND's different aspects, for now it remains a jumbled and pompous mess.

In journalist speak FiEND is an undulating project pulling waves out of deep crevasses, dark pits, and the etheral pulse from the soul of the universe.

Prophets claim FiEND moves in a sinusoidal fashion between programmed and sometimes intricate patterns of ordered sound to freeform noise through analog hardware.

FiEND is more.

Almost contracultural in the approach of translating electrical impulses to soundwaves. FiEND attempts to control, subdue, and systemize the chaotic gargle of the human subconsoious. The aura ranges from utter white noise torment to an essence of darkness and melancholy, with cracks of dissonance and glitches.

    [-: Sonic Tech :-]

  • Renoise
  • various circuits
  • assorted distortion

If you have any questions you should [-Pray-] on it.