FiEND is love, FiEND is life, FiEND is us, FiEND is.

Take care of all the sounds contained herein, some of them have a gentle heart...

File I/O

This section is still a WIP. It currently complements FiEND's soundcloud while functioning as an archive for distributable releases both recorded and live. Everything here caps out at 320kbps mp3.


Techno EP produced in renoise and released (2015)

TNBT EP produced/released (2011/2015)

DJ Mixes

Where robots go to rust (2014/2016)

Older mixes

MMVIII - a fierce techno set. (2008)
Follow the dead rabbit - a full on psytrance mix. (2008)
A gabber mix recorded under an early alias. (2001)


Are planned, but not in the immediate future... In the meantime a bit of harshnoise will have to suffice.

Bandcamp Stream